The following is representative of our guest policies during normal non COVID times

  • Our courts and clubhouse are not open to members of the public, however, members may bring guests to play during appropriate court hours.
  • Guests may visit the club up to two times a month per member.
  • A fee of $10, payable by the member, must be paid on the Courtreserve site when booking the reservation.
  • The member is responsible for looking after his or her guest while the guest is at the club
  • Guests have the same playing privileges and obligations at members and must respect the club Code of Conduct and dress code.


The all-white dress code at Lawrence Park Tennis Club is a long-standing and continuing tradition. We request that members and guests follow these guidelines:

  • All tennis shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses must be all-white with up to a maximum 10% colour trim (including hats/visors).
  • Non-tennis wear (such as cut-offs, jogging shorts, street clothes, etc.), even if white, is not considered appropriate attire. Shirts with large writing, advertising or pictures are not acceptable, even if predominantly white.
  • Non-white tennis warm-up suits, sweaters and jackets are acceptable although it is preferable that it be white in colour if you plan to continue playing in your warm-up attire. Tennis attire must be worn under warm-up suits and must be all-white.
  • Non marking proper clay court tennis shoes must be worn to preserve the court surface.
  • Those in violation of the dress code will be asked to change into appropriate white attire or leave the court.

Member and guest understanding and cooperation is appreciated in helping to carry out the spirit and tradition of the dress code.

JUNIOR PLAY – Junior members may

  • book with either an adult or junior member during family time all day Saturday;
  • Spring and Fall- book with either an adult or junior member during the dedicated junior spring and fall instructional time: 4-6pm weekdays in May, June, September and October if there is a court available that is not being used for junior instruction;
  • Summer – (July and August) Monday to Friday from 1 – 5 with no restrictions
  • play as a guest of an adult member (with no guest fee) at any time – assuming that the level of play does not affect players on other courts (more details below under RULES AND COURT ETIQUETTE).


All members and their guests, including members from other clubs playing matches at LPTC, are expected to abide by LPTC Rules and demonstrate courtesy and proper court etiquette for the safety and enjoyment of all.


On club property:

  1. Loud, abusive, or profane language and abuse of a racquet or a ball, are not permitted.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the clubhouse, on the veranda area or patio or on the courts.
  3. Pets are not allowed inside the clubhouse, on the veranda area or patio or on the courts.

On court:

  1. No more than 3 balls are allowed on a court at a time, except when being used for clinics or by a Club tennis professional.
  2. To cross behind a court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court.
  3. To secure your ball from another court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court to retrieve or to request it.
  4. If in doubt about a line call on your court, play it as “in”.
  5. Other than first serve, if you see your ball is clearly out, call it out.
  6. Indicate an “out” ball with an index finger pointing up, and an “in” ball with a horizontal palm.
  7. An “out” or “let” call must be made immediately.
  8. If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, correct your call immediately.
  9. Enter playing area by the gate closest to your assigned court.
  10. When playing during evening hours, please be sure to turn off the courts lights when you leave.
  11. The clock outside the clubhouse governs court time.

General Rules:

  1. Harassment, bullying or discrimination of any type will not be tolerated and may lead to loss of court privileges, suspension, expulsion from the Club.
  2. Members must lock the clubhouse door, court gates and entrance gates if they are the last ones to leave the Club grounds. Please also ensure balls are put away, lights in the clubhouse and on court are turned off, the blinds are drawn and the maintenance shed is locked. Please respect the Club property and keep it clean and tidy.
  3. All members and their guests must abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow the Code of Conduct.
  4. If a court becomes available up to 10 minutes before the hour, players who have booked that court may start to play.

The safety of our members and community is utmost in our minds. Subject to any additional restrictions imposed by the city, it is anticipated that initially:

  1. Members will only be allowed access to the club if they have completed the liability waiver, declaration of health and acknowledged these rules of play.
  2. Members will not have access to unlocking the club. Members will only be allowed to play when there is a court monitor present. Court play hours will be visible through the online court booking system.
  3. Only members with prearranged court bookings are permitted on the club property and only immediately before and after their booking. No drop-in play is permitted.
  4. Members are expected to properly sanitize their hands prior to entering the club and before and after touching any potentially contaminated surface (including but not limited to gates, locks, door handles). The club will attempt to provide hand sanitizer, but everyone should be prepared to provide their own.
  5. Members must maintain a safe (6 foot/2 meter) distance while at the club.
  6. No non-member guests are permitted.
  7. Members must bring everything they require with them and take everything they brought away with them (including the tops from ball cans). The clubhouse will not be open. The washrooms will not be open. Balls will not be provided. Drinking water will not be accessible.
  8. Members are responsible for bringing their own personal protective equipment (masks). Members are encouraged to wear masks when not playing.
  9. There is no instruction allowed as long as Toronto is in the grey zone.
  10. Members should review the City and Provincial guidelines for players at tennis community clubs

We are looking forward to another great year at Lawrence Park. It all depends on our members. We will still be closely monitored by the city. If we are not practising safe tennis, we risk our permit being withdrawn.

By clicking AGREE below, you declare that you agree to abide by the club rules of play both as articulated above and however they may change over the course of the season.

Private Lessons

  1. Lessons may be held only on a reserved court with one of the Club professionals and a maximum of 4 participants. The court should be booked by the member using the online booking system.
  2. Lessons should be booked by contacting the member’s preferred Club professional directly (email addresses for Club professionals are in LEARN section).
  3. Lessons should be for one hour periods.