New Member Survey

We’re now into our third month of the season, and hope you are enjoying being a member of Lawrence Park Tennis Club. We know you were all on our waiting list for quite a while, and we trust it was worth the wait.

In an effort to be open and transparent, the Board constantly invites feedback from our members and as a new member, you have the unique perspective of “fresh eyes” on our Club and we want to know what you think. The survey below should only take 10 -12 minutes to complete, but will really help us to know how we’re doing in terms of welcoming new members, meeting members’ needs, and providing the right activities.

Please complete the survey and submit it by July 13th to help make our Club even better. This survey is anonymous, but if you would like to add your name at the end of it, please do so.

Thank you.

1. What were your main reasons for joining LPTC? (Check all that apply.)*
If other, please explain:
2. Did you attend Opening Day?*
If YES, what was the best part?

3. On average, how often do you come down to the Club?*
4. Do you find the tag-up board easy to use?*
If NO, how we can make the tag-up board easier for you to use?
Considering tag up time, do you feel there is:*
5. When you come down to play, do you usually:*
If you come without a partner, how easy has it been to get a game?
6. On average, how often have you used the Court 3 booking system?
7. Have you found Club members to be welcoming, helpful and friendly?*
8. In which of the following have you participated (please click all that apply)?*
Considering the activities listed above, do you feel there are:*
Comments / Suggestions:
9. Do you read our Between the Lines newsletter?*
Suggestions for future articles:
10. Do you use our website on a regular basis:*
Suggestions for changes to the website:
11. Do you find the Club well managed?*
Do you have any interest in serving as a Board Member of the Club down the road?*
12. Please share any suggestions or observations that would enhance your experience as a new member:
13. Overall, how pleased are you with your decision to join LPTC?*
14. Name (optional):


Thank you for completing the survey.