Stay tuned for summer camp as the city guidelines become clearer, we may be able to relax our rules.


Learn to play and improve your tennis in our weeklong camps for juniors aged 4-16. There will be on and off-court training. The emphasis will be on fun while improving athletic skills, coordination and tennis skills through drills and competitive play. Our certified coaches & instructors use progressive tennis methods in accordance with ITF and Tennis Canada.

A: Progressive 1 Red
The Red camp is designed for children 4-8 years old. The 1st level of progressive tennis uses larger foam and decompressed “Red” balls to allow for easier exchanges, 19″ to 21″ racquets for better control, mini sized nets and a smaller 12-meter court.
B: Progressive 2 Orange
The Orange camp is designed for student 8-11 years old. The 2nd level of progressive tennis uses a normal sized “Orange” tennis ball of much lower compression to make it easier for the students to acquire the required skills at this stage of development. 23″ to 25″ racquets are typically used and the court is 18m in size.
C: Progressive 3 Green
The Green camp is designed for students 10-14 years old who are still learning to rally. The 3rd level of progressive tennis uses a “Green” ball similar to a real tennis ball with 25% less compression. The students typically use a 25″ to 27″ racquet and a full sized tennis court.
D: Progressive 4 Teen Tennis
The Teen Tennis camp is designed for students from 13-17 years old (higher skilled 10-12 year olds who can rally well and or play OTA tournaments can be in this class) Students will play on a full sized tennis court with regular balls.

Daily Schedule:
12:45-1 PM Arrival
1-1:30 AM Warm Up and Coordination/Dexterity Drills
1:30-2 PM On Court Tennis Drills and other sport activities
1-4 PM On Court Tennis Drills, Coordination training & other activities (splash pad etc)
4-5 pm Extended care available upon request

$220+HST (*4 day camp costs $176+HST)
4-5PM: Extended care available upon request ($15/day+HST, $60/week+HST)
If space allows, we will offer day drop-ins at the cost of $45.
Please contact Ben  if interested in Day Drop ins.
*You must be a member to be in the camps

You cannot sign up for summer camps until we confirm guidelines and restrictions.  Juniors must join as a member before the start date of the camp.