Clinics With Our Pros

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Summer Clinics

Our tennis professionals will be leading clinics regularly during season to help members improve their games for the summer!

Each season clinics (for our members only) will run based on member demand and will be announced in our newsletter.

  • Topics have covered:
    • Improving Fundamentals: beginner to advanced beginner: Learn and improve on the fundamentals to help your game, or reinforce good habits with Head Pro: Valerie Ushanova

    • Improving Depth and Learning to Build the Point: Intermediate to advanced intermediate: Continue to improve your ability to hurt your opponent with good depth and create chances to build the point. Learn when and how to take control of the point with Head Pro: Valerie Ushanova

    • Attacking and Finishing: Advanced – A level players: Train and continue to improve your skills to attack and finish the point when given the chance. It is all about taking away your opponent’s time with Head Pro: Valerie Ushanova

    • Other Clinics: To be developed by our Pros based on members requests.

More Clinics?

Need to tune up your game? The club and our pros will work with members to offer clinics in various formats over the season, subject to interest. Clinics will be responsive to member needs and limited to 4-6 members per court depending on the focus of the clinic. Pre-registration is generally required and, as details are finalized, information will be available through our “Between The Lines” newsletter, and or available at

Members interested in organising a clinic should contact our Head Pro, Valerie Ushanova at