We hope members will be able to use our club during the summer of 2021. In light of the current pandemic, use will be subject to agreeing to three documents. Copies of the documents are below for information only. These must be agreed to on our online booking system.

In order to access our online booking system and book a court, members should log in through the Members tab (https://lptc.ca/login.aspx) on our website, then click the ‘Courts and Events’ tab. The LPTC rules of play will be explained and you will be asked to ‘AGREE’ if you wish to play at the club this season. If you agree  to the rules, you will then be taken to our booking system. The liability waiver and declaration of health will appear. To agree to those documents, click on ‘My Profile’ at the top of the page and look for check boxes for ‘I agree to the Waiver’ and ‘I agree to the Health Declaration’. Members must tick to agree to both and press ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page in order to book a court.

Courts will only be bookable at times that a Court Monitor is present at the club.

We also strongly recommend that members review the City of Toronto guidelines for players and screening tips – see below.

We hope to see you on the courts!

Liability Waiver:

Declaration of Health: Health Declaration – Covid-19

This declaration must be agreed to in order to play on the LPTC courts.  Members should evaluate their health each time they wish to play. They must not visit LPTC if there are any changes in their responses to the declaration below.
Please carefully read and agree to the following terms of this declaration:

  • I declare that neither I nor anyone in my household has experienced any cold, flu-like symptoms (including but not limited to: fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing) or received a positive Covid-19 test result in the last 14 days.  If I or anyone in my household experience any cold or flu-like symptoms after submitting this declaration, I will not visit LPTC for a minimum period of 14 days after the symptoms have resolved.
  • I declare that neither I nor any member of my household has received a positive Covid-19 test result in the last 14 days.  If I or anyone in my household receives a positive test result, I will not visit the club unless I have 14 symptomless days after the test.
  • I declare that I will inform the LPTC board immediately if I or anyone in my household experiences any cold or flu-like symptoms or receives a positive Covid-19 test result after submission of the Covid-19 declaration. I hereby declare that neither I nor any member of my household has travelled to or had any layover outside Ontario in the past 14 days.  If I or any member of my household travels outside Ontario after submitting this declaration, I will not visit LPTC for a minimum period of 14 symptomless days.
  • I declare neither I nor anyone within my household has had contact with anyone who had cold or flu like symptoms or who had a positive Covid-19 test result in the 14 days prior to the contact.
  • I will consider it club policy and abide by any restrictions placed by the Board.
  • I declare, prior to and after play, I will take all necessary precautions, including those related to distancing and sanitation under the City of Toronto Guidelines

Rules of Play:

The safety of our members and community is utmost in our minds. Subject to any additional restrictions imposed by the city, it is anticipated that initially:

  1. Members will only be allowed access to the club if they have completed the liability waiver, declaration of health and acknowledged these rules of play.
  2. Members will not have access to unlocking the club. Members will only be allowed to play when there is a court monitor present. Court play hours will be visible through the online court booking system.
  3. Only members with prearranged court bookings are permitted on the club property and only immediately before and after their booking. No drop-in play is permitted.
  4. Members are expected to properly sanitize their hands prior to entering the club and before and after touching any potentially contaminated surface (including but not limited to gates, locks, door handles). The club will attempt to provide hand sanitizer, but everyone should be prepared to provide their own.
  5. Members must maintain a safe (6 foot/2 meter) distance while at the club.
  6. No non-member guests are permitted.
  7. Members must bring everything they require with them and take everything they brought away with them (including the tops from ball cans). The clubhouse will not be open. The washrooms will not be open. Balls will not be provided. Drinking water will not be accessible.
  8. Members are responsible for bringing their own personal protective equipment (masks). Members are encouraged to wear masks when not playing.
  9. There is no instruction allowed as long as Toronto is in the grey zone.
  10. Members should review the City and Provincial guidelines for players at tennis community clubs

We are looking forward to another great year at Lawrence Park. It all depends on our members. We will still be closely monitored by the city. If we are not practising safe tennis, we risk our permit being withdrawn.

By clicking AGREE below, you declare that you agree to abide by the club rules of play both as articulated above and however they may change over the course of the season.

City of Toronto Guidelines for Players click here.

City of Toronto Screening Tips: