LPTC has a long history in competitive community tennis. Historically, we have fielded adult league teams that reflect our members’ interests (which we survey at tryouts in the spring).  

Evening: Inter County Mixed A & C teams Daytime: Inter County +55 B & C, Toronto Ladies’ Tennis League C and North York Tennis Association Ladies A teams.

All teams play competitive doubles against other clubs around Toronto. Matches generally alternate between Lawrence Park Tennis Club and other clubs.

To join the adult teams, members try out during the designated try-out sessions in April (sign up will be sent to members in our Between the Lines newsletter in the spring), and players must be available to play most dates of the league matches. Try-outs are held indoors so that weather is not a factor and a small fee is charged to cover court costs. Team matches and practices are shown on our online Club calendar once the schedule for the summer has been set.

Members who have general questions should email the Our Pro at ProBen@lawrenceparktennisclub.ca Note: It is our goal each year to test whether we are offering the right mix of teams to suit our members preferences through a survey at try-outs.  After try-outs we will determine which of our teams are able to field a full roster. For any teams that are no longer sustainable due to insufficient numbers of interested players, the LPTC Board will review the viability of that team for the season.


Evening InterCounty A & C Teams

Our two InterCounty Teams each consist of members who compete in men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles from mid-May to mid-August. The A team is geared for players at the 4.5 level and above; and the C team at 3.5 and above.

Home and away matches start at 7pm on Thursday evenings for both teams. All members are welcome to try out in late April/early May and must try out to be eligible for the team. Members may only play for one of these teams. Practice time for both these teams is Sunday.

  • A Team Captain: TBD after tryouts
  • C Team Captain: TBD after tryouts

Toronto Ladies’ Tennis League (TLTL) Teams – C Level

These team members are C level players who play competitive doubles over a seven week period starting early May through the end of June. Matches are played Wednesday mornings starting at 10:00 am. All women members are welcome to participate in the try-outs which are held in mid to late April. Sign up dates, times and location to be announced in our spring newsletter. Practice times are on a weekday either late morning or afternoon and alternate with the Ladies’ A team. In past years, one of our LPTC Pros has attended practices to provide the teams with advice on effective doubles’ strategy.  A fee is charged to participants at each practice to cover these coaching costs.

  • C1 Co-captains: TBD after tryouts
  • C3 Captain: TBD after tryouts

 North York Tennis Association (NYTA) Ladies League Team – A Level

The NYTA ladies’ team season runs from mid-May to late July. Away matches are held Monday mornings at 9:30 am, home matches are held at 10:00 am. Matches alternate between home and away. Ladies who play at the A level are welcome to attend try-outs which will be held in mid to late April. Sign up dates, times and location to be announced in our spring newsletter. Practice times are on a weekday afternoon and alternate with the Ladies’ C team.

  • Captains: TBD after tryouts

 Intercounty +55 Mixed – B & C levels

Our InterCounty 55+ Mixed B and C teams play Thursday mornings from mid-May to mid-August generally starting at 9:30am for away and 10am for home matches. Members aged 55 and over are welcome to try-out for this team. Sign up dates, times and location to be announced in our spring BTL newsletter.

  • Captain(s): TBD after tryouts

Try-out Format All Teams

  • We will have our tennis professional facilitating the try-outs to assist in evaluating and ranking players. Ranking will be based on our team selection criteria  Click link for more information ASSESSMENT CRITERIA. With new players trying out each year, we cannot guarantee you will make the team of your choice.
  • You need to attend at least one try-out. There will be a $15 fee for each 2 hour try-out, to be paid to the pro.
  • The try-out location is to be determined.

Team Tryouts Assessment Criteria

We strive to run a thoughtful and inclusive team try-out process each spring and encourage members to give competitive inter club play a try if they are interested. Where there are more candidates than available spots on our teams, coaches use the following criteria to assess players’ abilities: Team Try-outs Assessment Criteria.

Interested members with questions please email  ProBen@lawrenceparktennisclub.ca

2021 Try-outs: times/place TBD