Our Singles Challenge Ladder

Our Ladder is a great way to meet new members, find some regular playing partners and play some competitive singles tennis. It has been a huge hit over the last few years and we hope to make it a part of our 2020 programming.

Members interested in participating in the ladder, please watch our spring newsletters for details on how to sign up and you will be asked to forward the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact information: telephone and email address
  • Availability:
    • Weekday
    • Weekday + Evening
    • Evening + Weekend
    • Weekend Only
    • Other (please specify)

Following the deadline for sign-up, the ranking (including contact information) will be sent out to all players. The ranking will be posted in the clubhouse.  Any players who join after the start date at the beginning of June will be added to the bottom of the ladder. The ladder will be open to both male and female players of all levels.

The challenger of the match is responsible for reserving the tennis court online. After challenging another player who accepts, both players must find a time that works best for both of them. The challenger may select a time for the match; however, the time must be mutually agreeable with both players. Then, the challenger is expected to reserve the court online (booking up to 6 days in advance – please note: we have expanded the online court reservations from 1 court to 2 courts during some hours).

You may only challenge/accept one challenge per week. Challenges should be made by calling or emailing other players. Please respond to challenges as soon as possible to allow for more matches to be played. When challenging, you may only challenge within three positions above yourself on the ladder. For example, if you are 8th on the ladder, you may only challenge the 5th, 6th or 7th place players. Invalid challenges may be played, but are not used in adjustment of ladder position. Players must accept the challenge within 3-4 days. If a player fails to respond to a challenge or declines a challenge, they will lose by default. Any player under challenge cannot accept a second challenge until the first challenge is played.

Winning the Match
Matches will be a pro set to 8 games, with advantage scoring. Must win by 2 games or play a tiebreaker at 8 games all (tiebreaker is first to 7 points, must win by 2).  If your booked court time expires, the player who is ahead by at least one game is declared the winner. If in the tiebreaker when time expires, the match is declared a draw and no movement on the ladder.

Reporting the Score
Scores for each week should be sent to by Sunday.  Any score reported after that will be counted for the following week. Please indicate the player’s names and previous ranking, when the match was played, and the score of the match. The winner should report the score.

Moving up the Ladder
When a higher seed loses the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves down one spot. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot. For example, if player #3 challenges player #1 and wins, then player #3 will take the #1 seed, player #1 will move down to the #2 seed and player #2 be bumped to the #3 seed. If you challenge and lose, no one moves.

Ladder Updates
The ladder will be updated weekly and sent out by Monday evening to all players and posted in the clubhouse.  If there are any disputes to scores reported, etc., they will be addressed by emailing

Tips for Greater Enjoyment
A new member on the challenge ladder may find that the first one or two matches played on the ladder appear to be mismatches (in terms of skill levels). Don’t be discouraged — as the season progresses, the ladder should sort itself into order. You will soon discover other members with whom you can play comfortably. In addition to the relative rankings, you may find it useful to look at the results of specific matches. This can give you a further clue to the levels of other players, and gives some indication of players that you may want to challenge.  So don’t just sit there – join the ladder! Like you, the other members of the challenge ladder are eager to play. And, regardless of your frequency or level of play, there are tennis matches waiting for you!