Adult / Intermediate Members:

Our Club Championships take place during the month of September each year. It’s 3 weeks of hard fought matches, with a week break in between.  Spectators are welcome to cheer on those great shots! For extra incentive to come out and encourage our players, a “Breakfast of Champions” is provided on the last Sunday to make the FINAL day for Mixed Doubles even more special.

For 2020, the Club Championships took place on the following weeks:

  • Men’s and Women’s Singles: September 3rd to 7th /
  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles: September 11th to 15th 
  • Mixed Doubles: September 25th to 29th
Watch for our August “Between the Lines” newsletter for next years Club Championships registration details!

Any questions? Contact our Games Director at

Congratulations to all our 2019 winners and finalists:

Division A

Ladies’ Singles: Champion – Ladies’ Singles: Champion – Andreea Dragulescu; Finalist – Alyson Arbus

Men’s Singles: Champion – David Holmes; Finalist – Andrew Sulkowski

Ladies’ Doubles: Champion: Dicle Kursun/Karena McWhirter Rozin; Finalists – Karen Brown/Margot Willoughby

Men’s Doubles: Champion: David Holmes/Sean Yuile; Finalists – Pat Sinclair/Andreea Dragulescu

Mixed Doubles: Champion: Pat Sinclair/Andrew Sulkowski; Finalists –Linda Ondrack/Dennis Ing

Division B               

Ladies’ Singles: Champion – Margaux Rolston; Finalist – Donna Spafford

Men’s Singles: Champion – Adrian Baldeo; Finalist – Andrew Kingsmill

Ladies’ Doubles: Champion – Joan Boake/Jennifer Evans; Finalists – Margaret Esterhuizen/Sayuri Yonekawa

Men’s Doubles: Champion: Adrian Baldeo/Gerhard Weiss; Finalists – John Cape/Dave Tremblett

Mixed DoublesChampion: Karina Davydova/Terry Shoffner; Finalists – Adrian Baldeo/Anna Caton

Consolation Division B

Men’s Singles: Winner: Fred Yagi; Runner-up – Dave Tremblett

Mixed Doubles Consolation: Winners: Sayuri Yonekawa/Wayne Snell; Runner-ups – Gwen Sutherland/Sinisa Vojvidic

Junior Members:

Our junior members also have the opportunity to participate in a junior Club Championship run on Saturdays in late September / early October.

The goal is to put all those skills developed through the season to good use with lots of fun matches.

This event is run by our Pros in conjunction with our Junior Program Advisory Committee and enthusiastic parent volunteers. For more information and to help out, parents are asked to e-mail our Junior Program Director at