Club Championship Information and Sign Up 2018

* To register, please submit the form at the bottom of this page.*

Members should hone their games and pick a partner in preparation for September, our traditional “Club Championship Month”. Adult and Intermediate members are eligible to enter – see details and sign-up form below.


We are offering the following categories of competition for the 2018 Club Championships (subject to participation):

  • Men’s Singles
  • Ladies’ Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Ladies’ Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Within each of these categories are three levels of  play – A, B, and C. If you are not sure of your category, please ask the Tennis Pro to help you decide.


  • Sign-up sheets will be located in the clubhouse starting Friday, August 17or can be done online using the form below.
  • Indicate all the events you would like to participate in but please notemembers may enter only one level (i.e. A, B, OR C) in each category (Category = Mixed, Men’s or Ladies’ doubles and Singles).
  • You may enter more than one category (i.e. can play in Mixed and Ladies’ or Men’s doubles and Singles).

If you would like to play in a doubles event and do not have a partner, put your name down, indicate you’re looking, and we’ll help find you one.

Deadlines & Draw Schedule 

All key dates and deadlines are listed in the schedule below.  Please ensure you (and your partner for doubles’ events) are both available during the week of your category.

Matches Last sign-up date Match Days Finals
Singles Wed. Tue. Sep 4 – Sat. Sep 8th
(A, B, C) Aug. 29 – 6 pm Sat. Sep 8 Sarting at 10 am
Doubles Wed. Wed. Sep 12 – Sun. Sep 16th
(A, B) Sep. 5 – 6 pm Sun. Sep 16 Sarting at 10 am
Mixed Doubles Mon. *Wed. Sep 26 – Sun. Sep 30th
(A, B) Sep. 17 – 6 pm Sun. Sep 30 Sarting at 10 am

*Note: Mixed doubles may have preliminary matches scheduled week prior on Sep 20-21st depending on draw size.


Draws & Availability

The draws with match times and dates will be posted  by the Games Chair in the clubhouse. It is each player’s responsibility to find out when his/her matches are taking place. Participants MUST be able to play on the final Sunday designated for their event. Generally all matches except the finals will be played weekday evenings and, if required, some Saturdays.

Please check out the Championship “Dos and Don’ts” below for more details. If you have any questions and/or you would like to volunteer to help with the Championships, please contact The Games Chair ( or our Program Director ( We hope to see lots of competitors out there on the courts. Remember, bragging rights are involved.

Championship “Dos and Don’ts” 

Members can elect to play whichever category they would like, if unsure, our Tennis Professionals can give you sound advice

  • You can play at your own level or a higher level, but not a lower level.
  •  If you won the singles or doubles tournament the previous year at one level, then you must sign up for the next higher level this year.
  •  A doubles pair must enter at the level of the stronger of the pair (ie. if a “B” player is paired with an A player, then can only enter a draw at the “A” level)

Sign-up Information

  • Entries close on the Wednesday prior to the week scheduled for each event, except Mixed Doubles closes on Monday (see Schedule above).
  • Draws will be completed and posted in the clubhouse on Friday the week prior to the match except for Mixed Doubles which will be posted on Wednesday:
     Singles posted Friday, August 31st; 
    • Doubles posted Friday, September 7th;
    • Mixed Doubles posted Wednesday, September 19th.

It is the responsibility of the players to find out their schedule of play. They will not be called. Singles finals will be played on Saturday and all doubles  finals will be played on Sundays as shown in the schedule above

Match Information

  • Warm up: 10 minutes
  • Match Format: All first round matches will be “Pro sets” Instead of playing multiple sets, players will play one “pro set”. A Pro set is won by the first team to win 8 games by a margin of two games (instead of the usual first to 6 games). Winner is the first to 8 games by a margin of two games (with a 12 point tie-break at 8 all if necessary)
  • Start Time: Each match will start as soon as a court is available, so players must be ready to go on.

Rescheduling of Matches

  •  If there is a rain delay of more than 1 hour, the Program Director ( will re-schedule the match and notify all players involved.
  •  In the event of unforeseen circumstances that require players to re-schedule a match, they must notify the Program Director ( at least 24 hours in advance of that match. It is the Program Director’s discretion regarding when and if a match may be re-scheduled, taking into account the impact the delay in playing will have on the continuity and timely conclusion of the tournament. Matches may be played in the day if all participants are in agreement.
    Substitutions: only prior to the 1st round of a match.
    Umpires: in the finals.

Code of Conduct

Please be respectful towards your fellow players. Players exhibiting conduct considered to be unsportsmanlike will be removed from the tournament.

Championship Registration Form:


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