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Pictures from the Courts and Clubhouse…

Our Volunteers…

Many thanks to all those who pitch in to make our Club, clubhouse and courts into such a wonderful spot to play our favourite sport and enjoy each others company. Special mention for 2017:

  • Whipping the Clubhouse into shape for the start of the season: It looks great because of the behind-the-scenes efforts managed by Anna Caton, with help from Anita Strauss, Dennis Ing, Janet Blair, Cecelia Thng, Margot Willoughby, and most especially, Tony Ercolani.
  • Preparing the courts / lines / nets / leaves / eaves for the season: Huge thanks to Gary Figueira, Neil Jacoby, Saul Organ, Cathy Gordon, James Winslow, Gerhard Weiss, Emmanuel Gutierrez, David Scopick, Matthieas Kipping, Murray Brooksbank, Jacques Konig, Joe Kopu, Cecelia Thng, Bob Milnes, Michael Boxer, Sayuri Yonekawa, Dennis Ing, Andreea Dragulescu, Randy Heyd, Fiona Miller, Mark Rintoul, all overseen and ably orchestrated by Mark Girdler.
  • Orchestrating Early Birds: Gwen Sutherland, your Early Bird followers are very grateful!
  • Putting on the parties: our host Anita Strauss brings Club members together with wonderful events with the help of many members…
    • Tennis Day in Canada / Opening Celebration: Anita was ably assisted by Adele Breslow, Ellen Peers, Caroline Gray, Anna Caton, Pam Portanier, Margot Willoughby, Mary LeDonne and Cecelia Thng. Our Head Pro, Taylor, was on hand too – hopefully you got a chance to meet him and enjoy the tennis games he put together!
    • Middle Eastern Brunch and Round Robin: Thank you to a great team, Ellen Peers, Adele Breslow, Sonia Canetti, Cecilia Thng, Mary Le Donne, Anna Caton and Jody Lahman who so ably helped in the kitchen, in all manner of tasks.  Also thanks to Myra Mandel and Molly Greenwood who managed the “front office”.  Thanks to Adrian Baldeo and Saul Organ for helping with tidying up at the end, and finally to Taylor Hawthorne, our hugely competent and so likeable pro, who so ably ran the round robin.
    • Strawberry Social: Thank you to those who contributed some very tasty treats, including Caroline Gray’s absolutely amazing shortbread with fresh berries and cream, Gail Axmith’s yummy lemon squares and Margot Willoughby’s mother’s insanely delicious muffins, and the delicious raspberry and apple pies brought by Helene Blackburn and Margot Willoughby.  And once again, thank you to Ellen Peers and Cecilia Thng for helping with set up, food prep and clean up.  Finally, thank you to Taylor for once again runninng a great Round Robin.
    • Trivia Night Social: We had a delicious meal, home cooked by Anita and the very brave Wulffharts (thank you Benjie and Marion) with a lot of help from our Social “A team” (George Canetti, Sonia Canetti, Anna Caton, Mary LeDonne, Eleanor Ziv, Adele Breslow, Ellen Peers, Cecilia Thng, Molly Greenwood, Carole Ambrose, Fiona Miller, David Douglas, James Carman and Gisele DeJong). Food was followed by a fabulous (yes, slightly competitive) Trivia Quiz (pulled together by Anita, Myra Mandel, Margot Willoughby and Wayne Snell). As always, huge thanks to Tony Ercolani for all his work in getting the Clubhouse setup before and ship shape afterwards.
    • End of Season Celebration: The party could not have been such a rip-roaring success without the planning skills of Anita Strauss, Deborah Hoffnung, Dennis and Franny Gurwitz, Cecelia Thng and Nancys Eisenhauser and Thompson. A terrific group of members pitched in to help the planning committee set up the event (Anna Caton, Wayne Snell, Adrian Baldeo, George and Sonya Canetti, Ellen Peers – apologies if we’ve missed anyone) and to register members (Molly Greenwood, Caroline Gray), sell drink tickets (Adrian Baldeo) and tidy up (OK, the evening was a blur by then but we know there were lots of you – THANK YOU!).
  • Steering our Round Robins: Thanks to Cecelia Thng on the courts with the assistance of our Head Pro, Taylor Hawthorne and to Anita Strauss for organising the refreshments.
  • Overseeing Early Birds: We thank those who managed the cards (more or less) and kept everything moving smoothly: Gwen Sutherland, assisted by Marion Wulffhart, Carole Ambrose, Zilla Soriano, Henry Joseph and Sandi Seligman. And a special thanks to all the Early Birds who helped sweep courts after their play time – the courts looked so great this year.
  • Coordinating our Wednesday After Dinner Doubles: Henry Joseph stepped into the role of ADD coordinator this year and helped facilitate some great drop in play on Wednesday evenings. Huge thanks Henry for all you did to set up fun matches on the courts!
  • Organising House League: A special thank you to the Captains – Irwin Davis, Gail Axmith, Sayuri Yonekawa, Raza Ali, Caroline Gray, Harvey Gold – for all the hard work that they put in through the whole summer, making sure team members get to play, avoiding a dreaded default and putting together compatible line ups. A special thank you to our scribe, Harvey Gold, for keeping tabs on all the scores and to Cecelia Thng for keeping it all running smoothly.
  • Launching our online court booking system: This took a relay team to get done – starting with great advice from member, Andre Velloso, researched by David Douglas, Deb Hoffnung, Tony Ercolani and Margot Willoughby, tested by Molly Greenwood, Aurelia Zvan and Shelley Alton and set up by Karen Brown, with help from Dennis Ing.
  • Capturing the moments: A big huge special thanks to Frank Nagy for the spectacular photos taken throughout the season. He magically made us all look good!

We are sure we have missed some names of members who work tirelessly behind the scenes… apologies for any omissions and thank you to everyone!